Open Data from the 4 Belgian Public Transit authorities: the story so far

  • Time: 11h00-11h30
  • Location: Auditorium
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: Panel

Public Transport data in Belgium, from the Belgian railway company, De Lijn, MIVB/STIB and TEC has come a long way already. Today, each of the company has a roadmap to, or has open data. We welcome a representative from each company, discussing the taken hurdles, as well as the potential of digital innovation with this data.

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Hello I'm Pieter Colpaert

Works at imec - Ghent University, volunteers at Open Knowledge Belgium and the iRail project. His research is on publishing transport data for maximum reuse.

Pieter Colpaert

Researcher - Board member - Public lead

imec - Open Knowledge Belgium - iRail

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Hello I'm Peter Defreyne

Peter Defreyne is an electrotechnical engineer with a master degree's in applied sciences. His main focus is on bridging the gap between ICT-technology and application domains. He has been working as a research engineer and project leader for VRT-medialab. Afterwards he has joined the high tech startup SDNsquare in software-defined IT-infrastructure for high performance applications as technology expert and product manager. Since 2015 he is working as a valorization-minded project manager on digital innovation and disruption in the transport & mobility industry.

Peter Defreyne

Project Manager

Antwerp Management School / VIM

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Hello I'm Arnaud Wattiez

Arnaud Wattiez works for the Belgian National Railways (SNCB) as a Systems & Digital Innovation Manager for the Sales & Marketing Direction. Digital Innovation is a priority for NMBS, and Open Data is an important part of it. During his intervention, Arnaud will explain the status of Open Data today at SNCB, and how start-ups and innovators can benefit from it to develop new apps and user interfaces for their customers.

Arnaud Wattiez

Manager systems & digital innovations


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Hello I'm Bert van Hemelen

Bert Van Hemelen has an all-round career in ICT. The last decade he works at the Flemish public Transport Company De Lijn. As Chief Architect he contributes in defining and realizing the digital strategy of De Lijn.

Bert van Hemelen

Chief Architect

De Lijn

Hello I'm Sébastien Goffin

Sébastien has a mission at STIB to develop the entire infrastructure of digital communication. He played a key role in developing the OPENDATA STIB platform, the new website, the redesign of the mobile application but also longer-term projects such as the development of a new mobile application and a website that entirely focuses on its users (customer centricity). His role goes as far as the evolution of the datasets as well as the connection of this one between them.

Sébastien Goffin

Digital projects advisor


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