Let's talk Linked Data

  • Time: 13h30-15h00
  • Location: Sylva Room
  • Level: Expert
  • Type: Panel

An interactive session on Linked Data - 3 talks:

1. The 99 cents Linked Open Data archive - Miel Vander Sande

If a hosting a queryable Linked Open Data endpoint is a bit pricey, hosting a whole archive is really expensive. Not from our perspective. In this talk, we present a sustainable strategy to publish LOD with a small budget and still allow users to query it at will. In addition, we show how historical queries can be easily supported on prior dataset versions. As a use case, we refurbished the DBpedia archive and demonstrate its function live.

2. Producing Linked Open Data with a Content Management System - Sander Van Dooren.

Joinup ( aggregates open source software and standards produced by european public administrations. At it's core it uses ADMS-AP, a DCAT extension as it's data model. In the upcoming release of Joinup, we opted for an architecture where a triplestore is the cornerstone of the application, and a generic SPARQL connector has been build.This allows editors to create RDF datasets, without being aware of RDF altogether.

3. Building a knowledge graph of the Belgian War Press - Brecht Van de Vyvere.

The Belgian War Press contains a lot of interesting newspapers about the First World War. They have been digitised and made searchable with OCR. A user can only find information by trial and error in user-friendly search interfaces. This prevents machines to resolve more complex queries. In this session we’ll cover how Linked Open Data can help us to solve this problem and how to clean and publish this data on the Web.

Feel free to share your notes with us!


Hello I'm Miel Vander Sande

Miel is a full-time researcher at Multimedia Lab ( of Ghent University. His main interest and expertise are (Linked Open) Data publishing, Read-Write Web, technological support for open data legislation, ontology mapping and data transformation. Miel was involved in several Flemish and European research projects involving Semantic Web technologies and Linked Open Data.

Miel Vander Sande

Linked Data Researcher


twitter Miel Vander Sande linkedin Miel Vander Sande

Hello I'm Brecht Van de Vyvere

Brecht Van de Vyvere works as a data engineer at the Flemish Institute for Archiving. He participated at three editions of open Summer of Code and is active at iRail.

Brecht Van de Vyvere

Data Engineer

VIAA - iRail

twitter Brecht Van de Vyvere linkedin Brecht Van de Vyvere

Hello I'm Sander Van Dooren

Sander is a software craftsman working with the AUSY Group. Now he's involved with the Joinup project as a web consultant at the European Commission.

Sander Van Dooren

Application Architect

AUSY Group

twitter Sander Van Dooren linkedin Sander Van Dooren
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