Closing Panel: Learnings and Next Steps

  • Time: 17h00-17h30
  • Location: Auditorium
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: Workshop

A closing panel with Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and representatives from the different break-out sessions on the main learnings of Open Belgium 2017 and next steps for open knowledge and open data in Belgium.

Each representative will have a couple of minutes to present his or her lessons learnt during Open Belgium. After each presentation, Minister De Croo will give feedback and explain his measures to tackle specific challenges.

Feel free to share your notes with us!


Hello I'm Miel Vander Sande

Miel is a full-time researcher at Multimedia Lab ( of Ghent University. His main interest and expertise are (Linked Open) Data publishing, Read-Write Web, technological support for open data legislation, ontology mapping and data transformation. Miel was involved in several Flemish and European research projects involving Semantic Web technologies and Linked Open Data.

Miel Vander Sande

Linked Data Researcher


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Hello I'm Veronique Volders

Veronique Volders is Program Manager E-Strategy @ the Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance.

Veronique Volders

Program Manager E-Strategy

Flemish Agency for Domestic Governance

twitter Veronique Volders linkedin Veronique Volders

Hello I'm Toon Vanagt

Toon Vanagt is a entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of setting up and managing ventures in the Benelux. He has hands-on experience with e-business, consulting, big data and ICT projects.

Toon Vanagt

Chairman of the board

Open Knowledge Belgium

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Hello I'm Alexander De Croo

Alexander De Croo is currently Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Post and Telecom in the Belgian Federal Cabinet. From 2012 to 2014 he was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Pensions. Before taking the office of Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo was Party Chairman of Open Vld, the Flemish liberal-democrats. In 2010, he was elected Senator, scoring third in the popular vote in Flanders.

Alexander De Croo

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Post and Telecom

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Hello I'm Bert Jehoul

Bert Jehoul is founder of the Open Badges Belgium working group and recent board member of Open Knowledge Belgium. He works at Selor (Selection Office for the Belgian Government) where he leads an innovation-Lab and helped initiating the Be Badges platform. Bert has a background in Psychology and Psychometrics and is an enthusiastic user of the statistical software R.

Bert Jehoul

Strategic Support - Founder & Lead of Innovation Lab


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Hello I'm Thimo Thoeye

Thimo is a computer scientist with a passion for all things data. He studied the Semantic Web at the Gent University and is active in local government, where he is looking for innovative ways to foster the power of data to increase the knowledge of government and citizens alike. He is a strong advocate of open data and believes that information technology should be employed to create a more transparent, fair and prosperous society.

Thimo Thoeye

Open Data Manager - Board Member

City of Ghent - V-ICT-OR - Open Knowledge Belgium

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