The State of Open Knowledge in Belgium

  • Time: 09h00-09h30
  • Location: Auditorium
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: Keynote

The Open Knowledge Belgium board has prepared a state of open knowledge in Belgium, giving an overview of accomplishments in 2016 and what direction we are headed in the near future. The state of open knowledge in Belgium is a mix of talks with policymakers, a panel of experts discussing next steps and the chance for the audience to engage on this topic.

Brussels Smart City - Céline Vanderborght

This session will be opened by a welcome speech from the Smart City Manager of the Brussels-Capital Region. The Brussels-Capital Region has adopted a strategic plan to transform itself into a smart city. In this talk specific actions and projects to become a digital hub will be highlighted.

Feel free to share your notes with us!

Visual summary by Frederik Vincx (@fritsbits)


Hello I'm Toon Vanagt

Toon Vanagt is a entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of setting up and managing ventures in the Benelux. He has hands-on experience with e-business, consulting, big data and ICT projects.

Toon Vanagt

Chairman of the board

Open Knowledge Belgium

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Hello I'm Céline Vanderborght

At a time when the smart city concept was far from a reality, the Brussels-Capital Region was already preparing the ground, among other things with the IRISbox electronic desk. That was at the beginning of the 2000s, when Céline Vanderborght was already playing an active role in these developments anticipating the smart city as e-Government Manager at the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre, a position she held until 2006. Since 2015, Céline Vanderborght has been Smart City Manager for the Brussels Region, a role that is directly in line with her initial professional experience at the service of the Region.

Céline Vanderborght

Smart City Manager

Brussels Region

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Hello I'm Inge Van Nieuwerburgh

Inge Van Nieuwerburgh is co-ordinator scholarly communication at Ghent University. Open access to research publications, (open) research data management and other open science themes are at the core of her interests. She is one of the open access advocates behind Open Access Belgium and supports policy development and support and training through different national and international working groups and expert groups. Some buzz words in Inge’s CV are OpenAIRE, copyright reform, literacy and SA&S.

Inge Van Nieuwerburgh

Coordinator scholarly communications - Board Member

UGhent - Open Knowledge & Open Access Belgium

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